DiabloSport Trinity + PCM Swap, 2015+ Jeep Wrangler

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DiabloSport Trinity + PCM Swap, 2015+ Jeep Wrangler

The DiabloSport Trinity is one of the most advanced devices of its kind, featuring full Re-flash/Reprogram capability, Advanced Data Acquisition, and Customizable Gauges- all displayed and controlled on a color touch screen and housed in a slim, custom-styled, easy to use device. Trinity allows users to tune their car or truck to add additional horsepower, torque, improve throttle response, and modify existing vehicle functions.

This PCM Swap kit includes a DiabloSport Trinity and a one-time unlocked PCM cross shipment. Please refer to our How To and PCM Core Swap page for more information on this process.


NOTE: This SKU does not include a PCM at the time of purchase.




How do I start the process?


The first step would be to purchase the correct product for your application.


After you have purchased the right product for your ride, you will visit DiabloSport PCM Cross Shipment page at www.diablosport.com/pcm-ship/ to start the process.  Once you have filled out the information on that page,  you will then be taken to a pre-authorization page.


This pre-auth page is designed to confirm your information and set up a pre-authorization on your credit card.  Your card will not be charged by going through this process, however, DiabloSport do have to secure and verify your credit card information to cover the cross shipment of your unlocked PCM.  You will see a pre-authorization on your credit card statement for the amount of $1.  This will be released as it is simply put in place to verify your card information.


You will also be prompted to accept an agreement that explains the timeframe you have to return you stock computer and a few other details.  Make sure that when you receive the unlocked PCM that you immediately complete the swap on your vehicle so that you can return the core PCM in a timely manner.



What will I receive?


Once this process is completed, you will receive a stock PCM that has been unlocked and made ready for tuning.  You will then install the unlocked PCM into your vehicle.  We do have tutorials on our YouTube page that can help with the PCM swap.



Once I’ve done the swap, what do I do now?


Once you’ve installed the unlocked PCM, you will then use the packaging box and return shipper label provided by Diablo to return your PCM core.  Now that your unlocked PCM is installed, you can hook up your inTune i2 or Trinity tuner to tune your ride.


Shipping:  Note:  PCM Swap SKUs include FREE 2nd DAY AIR for cross-shipping PCMs.  Free Ground for Canadian orders (brokerage fees not included).  Other international shipments will incur shipping charges at cost.  Review cross-ship process below.

This product is not street legal and may only be used on Racing Vehicles. Racing Vehicles must be used exclusively for racing or other forms of competition. Racing vehicles must not be registered and must never be used on the street. It is illegal to install this product on a registered vehicle and use it on the street. 


Adjustable Parameters:

  • Tire Size/Speedometer Correction
  • MDS Disable
  • Fan Temperature Adjust
  • WOT Fuel Adjust
  • Idle RPM
  • Rev Limiter
  • Speed Limiter
  • Spark Timing
  • Throttle Sensitivity
  • Traction Control Adjust


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